Smart Cleaning Hacks With Toothpaste You Should Know About

We use toothpaste to keep our teeth clean and white, but have you ever thought about using it for other stuff, such as cleaning? Yes, Top Dreamers, the toothpaste can be a wonderful cleaner for versatile stuff and today we would like to show you some of them. Below, you will be able to find some Smart Cleaning Hacks With Toothpaste You Should Know About. Check them out, grab that toothpaste and make your home shine back again.

Cleaning Hacks With ToothpasteCleaning Hacks With Toothpaste

The faucet water spots can be easily removed with a little toothpaste. Rub the toothpaste with a cloth and make the taps shine again. This can be applied to any chrome-plated surface.

Clean iPhone Screen

Clean iPhone Screen

If your phone has no protective film it can easily get scratched. So, grab that toothpaste, put a dab of it on a cloth and rub it one the scratches. Remove the remaining toothpaste and wipe the screen dry.

Clean Sneakers

Clean Sneakers

The white soles on your sneakers can get dirty after some time. So, the easiest way to clean them is with toothpaste. You can scrub the toothpaste on the soles with a toothbrush or some plastic scrubber.


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