Justin Bieber Ex Girlfriend Jasmine V 6 Months Pregnant With First Child

Justin Bieber‘s rumored ex girlfriend Jasmine V (aka Jasmine Villegas) is six months pregnant with her first child! The 21-year-old singer announced the news on Twitter and in an interview with Cosmopolitan for Latinas. On being young, unmarried, and in the middle of her career: “Well, it came as a total shock. You take the test, and you’re not sure, and then you take another one. It was a very crazy moment for me; I never thought I would have a baby at 22, but I’m definitely excited.

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Justin Bieber Ex Girlfriend Jasmine V

I’m super excited to meet my baby and to be a mom.” On her boyfriend, who she declined to name: “Everything is going well, and he’s very supportive.” On being pregnant: “The fact that I’m still young made me so nervous. You never know what people will say. It’s looked down on to be young and pregnant in this country.

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Justin Bieber Ex Girlfriend

You have shows like 16 and Pregnant, where kids are put on a pedestal to be judged. A girl who has a child young is thought of as fast and wild, or as someone who doesn’t know how to raise a child. But I’ve always known that I wanted kids, and I know that I’m old enough and that I’m responsible. In Latino culture, it’s normal to have kids young.” Justin and Jasmine were a rumored couple several years ago and she appeared in his music video for “Baby.” Congrats to Jasmine on the exciting news!


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