Woman Set to Be First Plus-Sized Supermodel

Tess Holliday famous for proudly flaunting her curvaceous figure, bold dress sense and collection of colourful tattoos on social media.But as Tess Holliday poses for a collection of arty black and white images, the 29-year-old is turning her attention away from being an internet phenomena to shaking up our ideas of beauty. 

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Tess Holliday

Anna Shillinglaw, Managing Director of MiLk Management, Tess Holliday of the shoot: ‘In a world of fashion diversity and evolution, these images show that beauty can come in any size – Tess is a model regardless of being a size 2 or 24. ‘These pictures show the world why I took her on as a model at MiLK – because she is a beautiful girl and she is selling the product she models.’