Alexa Chung, Alexander Skarsgard dating?

Alexa Chung, Alexander SkarsgardFashionista Alexa Chung and ‘True Blood’ actor Alexander Skarsgard have been spotted together twice this week. Chung, 31, and Skarsgard, 28, were first seen together at the Father John Misty show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City earlier this week, reported People magazine.

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“They were deep in conversation. He seemed really laid-back but she seemed super animated and into him,”an onlooker said. The next morning, Chung was photographed with Skarsgard at a New York coffee shop. “Here is @alexa_chung getting avocado toast!! She was with #trueblood hottie #alexanderskarsgard,” comedian Haley Sacks Tweeted along with a photo of Chung on Tuesday morning. Representatives for Chung and Skarsgard have not commented on the issue so far.


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