Niall Horan: Is He Leaving One Direction?

Niall Horan Leaving One DirectionIf Niall Horan is leaving One Direction, then the world is definitely ending. Various news outlets tweeted the shocking news on Dec. 28, leaving fans to wonder about the state of their favorite boy band. Is Niall really leaving Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik behind?

Niall Horan Leaving One Direction? See The TweetsNiall Horan Tweet

The world of One Direction is in a state of peril after cryptic tweets on Dec. 28. What?! How do you leave Directioners hanging like that?! The news of Niall’s departure has yet to be confirmed or denied. Until then, we have to believe in our unwavering faith that Niall would never leave One Direction. Niall and the boys just released their fourth album titled Four, and were excited to announce their upcoming fifth album! Could a sudden change of plans derail One Direction completely?!

We’re just going to watch this epic video of Niall dancing in his underwear to help sooth our emotions right now. On the One Direction TV Special, which aired on Dec. 23, Niall was caught jamming out in his tighty whities! It was beyond epic. Niall also spread more Christmas cheer this holiday season by visiting Dublin Children’s Hospital. Niall is just the sweetest!


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